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Welcome to Wood Routers Guide we do the research for you. We find out the good points and the bad points
of the more common affordable Wood Routers on the market so you don’t have to. Feel free to read the in depth
reviews so you can make an informed decision on what wood router best suites your needs.

With more than 30 years of experience in carpentry, we provide woodworking tips and tricks. We show you how to do some work with the wood router that will improve the decorative finish of the furniture you build and all your carpentry projects.

If you are just like us, serious woodworkers who want perfection when it comes to wood projects but are tired of promotional articles out there that only try to endorse a router saying it is the best on the market and promises that it will make every single one of your wishes come true. Only to find out that it will fail you at the end. Well, all you really need is an honest advice. Our experts have analyzed hundreds of routers and narrowed down the best ones in the field.

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The router is one of the essential equipment in wood working. It is so versatile that it adds precision and accuracy to any woodworking project. It allows you to do intricate details and designs that will enhance the aesthetic appearance of final products. For these reasons, you don’t just have to get the best, but the best of the best.