Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed Base Router Review

Review Summary:

With a soft-starting, highly powered 11-amp, 2-1/4 motor, the Hitachi KM12VC comes in both plunge and fixed base. It is easy and comfortable to use and has a hard-sided base holding the motor, both bases and the router accessories. Its collet is situated a bit farther from the base and professional craftsmen may not get the entire features available in similar models. It also has 3 wrenches, a guide adapter, and a centering cage.

The Hitachi M12VC is a powerful router that operates with a fixed base. It has an 11 Amp electronic motor that has power out level of 2-1/4 HP and variable speeds. It will spin at speeds which range between 8,000 and 24,000 RPM. There are so many features that are included in this router, which makes it an ideal tool in any workshop.

The router is ideal for making excellent groove cutting, window cutting, trimming, shaping and cutting different patterns among others. It includes ¼ inch collet a single wrench for easy bit removal. There is a template guide and its adapter included as part of the package.

Benefits of Using Hitachi M12VC

  • The fixed base is stable and this makes it quite comfortable to use the router.
  • The fine depth adjustment is accurate and quite detailed unlike in the other models
  • The process of changing bits requires two wrenches and this provides stability and assurance that the bits cannot fall off during routing.
  • The instructional manual is well organized and this means one can follow through without much of a problem.
  • The storage case for this wood router is hard-sided for protective purposes and is quite spacious to handle all the components in place.
  • The stability of the fixed base is a very crucial benefit as it ensures that all the cuts are not shaky, but accurate and cut to precision.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed to a large extent since the router has a straight edge cutting guide.
  • There is a template guide adapter, which means that you do not have to buy separately like with the other models.
  • The motor release system is two staged and this simplifies the process of moving the base.
  • The router is very quiet, which is a big plus for most workers who cannot withstand too much noise.

The Key Features

  • Hitachi M12VC is powered by a powerful 11 Amp, variable speed motor.
  • The speeds vary from 8,000 to 24,000 rotations per minute, with a gradual start feature that reduces the torque when the motor starts.
  • The electronic feedback system will hold the bit to a constant speed and this enhances the accuracy of the cuts.
  • The fixed base is easy to use as it has dials that are used to move it up and down.
  • The router has a centering guide, which also comes with the template guide adapter.
  • The router kit includes a bar wrench, which is useful in changing of the bits.
  • The motor release clamp is 2-staged and this makes the process of depth adjustment to be quick and accurate.
  • The motor housing is plated with nickel and this facilitates smooth adjustments
  • Noise levels have been significantly reduced to 79.5 decibels, which makes it easy to run the router in any neighborhood.

Hitachi M12VC review

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The router has a variable speed router, which runs smoothly.
  • The noise reduction feature is a big advantage in regards to the router.
  • It is quite affordable and lower in price when compared to other similar routers.
  • It is very easy to operate the router and most users find it quite comfortable to handle it.
  • It comes with a case that has hard sides so as to hold and protect the router and all the essential components.
  • The depth adjustment system is easy to use and is accurate to the point.
  • The handles are made of elastomer, which is a compound used to reduce slipperiness and enhance the grip for maximum control.
  • The electric full feedback feature will maintain a constant speed throughout the process
  • The soft start feature gives the router a longer lifespan as the starting torque is quite minimal.
  • The user manual is well illustrated and organized, which is easy to follow for most users.

The Cons

  • You would require two wrenches to change the bits and this takes quite some time.
  • The process of adjusting the depth of the fixed base is quite demanding as you would have to turn the motor in the base.
  • The micro-fine tuning for bits is quite difficult.
  • The base of the router appears to be quite unstable and this may affect the quality of the end result.
  • The collet position of this router complicates the process of mounting the router on router table.
  • Some users have complained that the router is not able to stay stable during routing operations.

How to Use it?

This has been indicated to be one of the easiest routers to use. This is mainly as a result of having a simple design and a manual that is well documented. As long as all the parts are installed correctly, you should not have any problems handling the router. The process of fine depth adjustment is the only one that seems to present a challenge for most people. However, after mastering it, it becomes a walk in the park.

Maintenance and Minor Repairs

This router has a hard sided-case for purposes of storing all the parts. Once you are done using the router, you should clean, wax and store the parts in the case. This will protect them from any form of damage.  Bits should be sharpened often and the cutting mechanism should also be cleaned so as to avoid any residual build up.

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