The good side of the Festool wood router products

It is not in your everyday life that you get to use some of the best wood routers.  The Festool is an epitome of only the best in its sense. With some of the best market practices and manufacturing specifics, you can be sure to get any router to satisfy your daily wood router needs.

The most interesting aspect of the Festool routers is in their ability to have a more sustained work force which focuses on the general technical needs of the given field. The research in the area has put the tools on a pedestal in comparison to their competitors especially based on their quality.

The practices developed by Festool in most of their manufacture has been their greatest strength putting them as being among the most benchmarked, precise yet easy to use router products in this category.


The Festool is a several tools to its credit among them the MFX 700. What makes the Festool wood routers to be such unique are the presence of certain features in them including;

  • It has a near-total dust extraction for a cleaner work environment. Their use is therefore quite hygienic in comparison to the rest of the wood routers in the market.
  • They are known for their speed. In this respect, they maintain a constant speed under any given load with any of the Mitsubishi materials corporation (MMC electronics). This has endeared them to be regarded to be one of the most trusted wood router products around.
  • They are also known to additionally provide fast, accurate and tool-free router depth adjustments thereby ending up with among the best routing provisions.
  • They exhibit an accurate control and greater comfort because they are fitted with ergonomic handles allowing for better grip.
  • The routers have lockable triggers and variable speed control allowing the user to be able to use different speed levels for depending on the routing needs.
  • The package and the ergonomic material has been one attribute which allows the routers to b e quite durable. This enables the tool to work for longer in the workshop unlike where their other competitors are concerned.
  • It has some of the quickest bit changes due to its easy to access designs and ratcheting collection points. These allow the tool to work more effectively.
  • The router is user-friendly because most Jobs done by the Festool wood routers require less physical effort. This is because of the high power and low weight of the tool. it makes them easy to handle
  • They are made to be precise to 1/256 inches or 1/10 mm in depth adjustment. This unique quality is not exhibited by some of the competing routers in the market.
  • They are found to work with other types of routing machines. For instance, the plunge fitted routers are found to work well with Festool guide rails which in turn help in giving straight and repeatable cuts on any given piece of wood.

With all the good attributes, it is not surprising how the Festool wood router have managed to remain on top. This is not to say that they are perfect from any blemish. These may be there though usually overtaken by its good side. It is only prudent if you are a serious shopper to conduct a good analysis of what you may require for your use.

Checking on the other competing wood routers is the best way of ensuring that you get only the best routers. Purchasing any of the Festool wood routers will be a sure way of giving you the best experiences you may have wished for in a router.

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