Why you need to use the Festool OF 2200 wood router

Maybe as a newbie in the area of routers, you could be suffering from the problem of indecision, confusion and lack of the best information as to which wood router to use in your wood trims. The most prolific router that is likely to catch your attention is the OF 2200 wood router from Festool.

This has always been able to win the hearts of most of its users that have made it stand out. However, there are certain reasons why using the brand of wood router are the perfect match for you.

Why Need Festool 2200 router?

The router is popular because of these reasons;

  • Its power- regarded with a lot of awe, this is the most powerful wood router in the market. Its capacity to b e able to cut the largest wood sections is just out of this world. For instance, you are able to slice an 8/4 hard piece of wood and get a ½ inch groove. This is due to the extra power that the wood router has.
  • Easy to move- unlike the power, the router has been seen to have some features which make it easy to move around making it b e regarded as the easiest to move among the wood routers.
  • Control- if you are worried about how to go about the function of control in as far as this router is concerned, no more worries. The control function of this wood router is just awesomely easy, fun and allows the user room for exploration. Moreover, this is the best router that allows the user to work smarter with less energy.
  • Diverse collects- the several levels of collects seen in this router including the millimetres and the ¼ inch collect allows the user make choices on which slice of wood designs to come out with.
  • Hygienic- with the dust collector in its back, the swivel nozzle which is included makes the dust extraction mechanism work better. It has an additional festoon boom arm which allows it to work even better by removing the cording bottlenecks experienced in most of the wood routing machines.
  • Unique additional features- with the feature lacking in most of the other routers, you are bound to just experience the best feel of wood trims. For instance, this router has a magnetic spindle brake and a triple bearing design. The magnetic brake is meant to give faster spindle retarding motion and makes the machine be as durable as the user may wish for.
  • The bearing design seen in this wood router has also been seen to work in the area of helping dampen the spindle and make it be stable. The stability of this router is important given the powerful nature in which it is made.
  • It is speedy- no one would wish to use a sluggish wood router. The OF 2200 router works with so much power which allows it to be able to provide its user with just the punch to cut some of the most fantastic pieces within record time. It is additionally fitted with variable controls which just operate on the dial mechanism.

So it is for these and other reasons that the OF 2200, is such a fantastic wood router. This is not to put it in seclusion because most of the Festool routers are such fantastic. Despite the high price for which it is retained, the amount of service you are bound to get is rather fantastic and you are assured of getting just what you have been yearning for. getting yours will save you from a lot of hassle that is seen with using some of the routers in the market.

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