Amazing Tips On How To Use Oak Pallets For Flooring

If you are into doing wood work, then I’m sure you may have thought about using wooden Oak Pallets for your DIY projects. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Wooden Oak Pallets are easy to handle to create several designs, they are sturdy enough to make furniture with, and they are very cheap.

Another great thing about Oak Pallets is that you can easily buy them at any hardware store or you could reuse Oak Pallets used as crates. In this article, I will share with you a list of creative decorations you can do with Oak Pallets.

1. Pallet Headboard

If you feel like your bed lacks design, you can easily accent your bed with a bunch of wooden Oak Pallets by making yourself a headboard. To make a rustic looking headboard, you should get two for oak pallets for the base, and a couple of pallets for the main headboard.

Take note that the number of pallets you need will depend on the width of your bed, so be sure to get the width measurement of your bed before you gather your wooden oak pallets.

  • Once you have your pallets prepared, take two, and lie them horizontally on the floor. Make sure that the two pallets obtener mas informacion are completely parallel with each other.
  • Next thing you should do is stick the other pallets vertically to the two horizontal pallets with wood glue.
  • You should glue the each of the horizontal pallets to the ends of the vertical pallets. Keep on gluing vertical pallets to the horizontal pallets until you end up with a tightly packed headboard.

Now you can choose to add some décor to your new headboard by painting it, but if you want a rustic feel, I suggest you just paint it with some wood varnish or wood stains so that the wood would keep its natural linings.

The last thing you should do is to secure your new headboard to your bed’s bed frame. You can do so by using a drill and some screws, or by using your typical nail and hammer.

2. Pallet Bottle Cap Catcher

 If you constantly throw parties at your place, then I’m sure at some point you must have struggled with tons of bottle caps lying around your floor or your yard.Well, struggle no more, because you can easily make your own bottle cap catcher using a few oak pallets, a screw on bottle opener, a couple of screws, and some wood glue.

  • To make yourself a bottle cap catcher, the first thing you need to do is to cut six pieces of 5-inch long oak pallets.
  • The next thing you should do is make yourself a 5-sided box using your pallets and some wood glue. Make sure that you glue all your pallets edge-to-edge.
  • Once you are done making your 5-sided oak pallet box, you should now screw your bottle opener to the last piece of oak pallet that you are left with. You should screw your bottle opener about one or two inches from the pallet’s top edge.

Once you have attached your bottle opener to the oak pallet, you can now glue it to your box. Make sure that the bottle opener is facing the box, so that when you open a bottle with it, the cap will fall directly inside the box.

Once you have your bottle cap catcher, you can add some color to it by using your preferred color of paint. But if you want a more natural look, you can use wood varnish or wood stains instead.

3. Pallet Sign Board

Oak pallets can easily be turned into rustic sign boards for your home. You can use it as a “Welcome home” sign, or as a “Do not enter” enter sign, or any kind of sign that you prefer. All you’ll need is a piece of Oak pallet, some paint, a string, and some nails.

  • You can create your own oak pallet sign board by painting your message onto the pallet.
  • If you want to have a perfect looking sign, you could download a couple of letter cut-outs from the internet and print it out so you can use it as a guide when you paint.
  • Once you’re done painting your message onto the pallet, next thing you should do is hammer two nails to your pallet, one at each end.
  • After you hammer your nails onto your pallet, use a long string and tie it around the nails.

You will now end up with a sign board that you can hang on your door, or your fence.

4. Pallet Hook Rack

If you’re the kind of person who has a lot of coats lying around the house, then this will be a fun and useful project for you to try. To make your own pallet hook rack, all you will need is a piece of oak pallet, four screw-on hooks, a drill, and some screws.

  • You can start making your pallet hook rack by adding some wood varnish to it so that the wood will last longer. If you want a colorful hook rack, you can also use paint to add a splash of color to it.
  • Once you are done designing your hook rack, the next thing you should do is drill your screw-on hooks onto the pallet.
  •  Make sure that the hooks are evenly spaced out, you can use a ruler or a measuring tape to make sure of this.
  • After you attach your hooks to the pallet, you can now screw the whole hook rack to your wall using a drill and a couple of screws. If done correctly, you will now end up with a sturdy hook rack that you can hang your coat or jacket on.

5. Pallet Coasters

It is a bit ironic that you would use wood to avoid getting water stains on your wooden furniture, but using pallet coasters can give off a more rustic feel to your home instead of normal coasters. Plus, it’s pretty fun and easy to make.

To make yourself a bunch of pallet coasters, all you’ll need is a saw and a piece of oak pallet.

  • First thing you need to do is mark your pallet using a ruler. The best size for a pallet coaster is approximately 4×4-inches. Once you have marked your oak pallet with evenly 4-inch spaced lines, next thing you should do is cut the pallet along the lines you drew using your saw.
  • Once you are finished with cutting your oak pallet into small equal boards, you should now end up with a couple of square pieces that are approximately 4×4-inches in size that you can immediately use as coasters.

If you wish to add a design to your coasters, you can use some paint to add a dash of color to it. I personally prefer using wood varnish instead of paint because it gives off a more natural and rustic look.

6. Pallet Photo Frames

If you have a lot of photographs that you want to hang on your walls or to put on your shelves, but you don’t have any frames to put them in, worry no more! You can easily make your own photograph frames using a couple of pieces of oak pallets, some glue, string, and nails.

  • You can start making your photograph frames by cutting equal sizes of your oak pallet.
  • Once you have several pieces of equal sizes, you can take three pieces, and stick them together using wood glue. You can effectively do this by laying your pallets side by side on a flat surface, and by putting glue on its edges and firmly pushing the pallets against each other.
  • After doing so, you should end up with something that looks like a small chopping board.

You can decorate your frame by using some paint to add color to it or by using wood varnish to accent its wooden features.

Once you are done decorating your frame, you could now stick your photo in the middle of the frame with some glue. You should take note that the size of your frame will heavily depend on the size of your photo and that it should exceed all sides of your photo by at least half an inch.

All Done!

Who ever thought you could do so much with a couple pieces of oak pallets, glue, and some screws? You may have been surprised about all the kinds of furniture and home decorations you can create in your own home using oak pallets alone. I hope you had a fun time making your own home decorations by following this short list.


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