How Does a Dremel Work as a Router?

A Dremel

To begin with, you need to know one thing regarding the Dremel as a woodworking tool. Dremels are usually designed primarily for light duties, but it does not imply that they get worn out so fast when used frequently. Contrary to that perception, Dremels are known to be extremely robust and quite versatile despite the fact that they are meant to be used on lighter materials.

A Router

On the other hand, the router is designed for the purpose of making hollow cuts at a specific part of a solid surface which could be either wood or plastic. The router is ideal for creating a number of designs by simply taking into account the full control of the shape as well as the depth of the cut. As a woodworking tool, the router comes in handy to perform large tasks in carpentry such as making furniture among other applications.

Under certain circumstances, the Dremel can be substituted to take the place of a router. This is made possible based on the fact that the Dremel comes with a router attachment where you can attach a variety of router bits to use on some projects. However, it is prudent that you use only those bits that are designed specifically for the router attachment. If not sure, remember to follow instructions laid down on each Dremel model.

The Dremel As A Router

When attached with a router bit, the Dremel assumes almost all tasks performed by the router. As a router, the Dremel is capable of being used industrially for a number of practical designs namely, the indentations onto the countertops, cabinetry and furniture production. The Dremel, when used with certain router bits, it will enable you to come up with all kinds of edges, grooves, and shapes while working on the surface of the wood. Better still, you can use it to clear out a larger section of wood without necessarily cutting through the wood surface completely. This technique is recommended if you want to create three-dimensional layers in a piece of wood. You can utilize it in creating the relief kind of carving on a flat piece of wood surface.

How to use a Dremel

Even though using a Dremel with a router attachment might seem fairly easy, you require enough skills and practice if you are expecting to achieve good results. You can do so by using the router only on a flat surface but not for the freeform carving.

For better results, you can screw the attachment onto the tip of the Dremel by making sure that the bit is firmly held into the rotating chuck. You should also adjust the routing bits to correspond with the measurements on the routing attachment. In addition to that, you can use millimeters or inches to guide you to the right depth for attaching the bits.

Tips on how to use Dremel as a router on different woodwork finish

dremel usage tips

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1. How to make a straight line with a Dremel router

If you want to make a straight line with the router, it is recommended that you pull the Dremel router along the solid straight edge. The edge should be clamped down securely on the surface. Hold the Dremel steadily along the straight edge and then allow it to work through its way on a piece of wood material.

2. Making a circle

You can make a circle using the Dremel circle-cutting attachment along with the router attachment to gouge out a perfect circle on the wood surface as you work on your project.

3. Routing out a relatively larger space

You should always work your way from outside moving inwards when routing a larger space on the wooden surface. The main idea here is that you will need some edge to attach the router. For this reason in your mind, cut multiple vertical lines in grids of about ¼ inch before you start making horizontal lines running across the vertical grid lines. Then start pulling out those tiny square chunks of unwanted wood materials from the surface as you keep on working from outside moving inside until you achieve your target of routing a larger space.


As you have realized, a Dremel is a versatile tool that you will find quite useful in a number of projects you will be undertaking in the future. However, you need to handle it with care while working with it to avoid any form of damage on it.

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