The Festool MFK 700 Trim Wood Routers Specification

If you are looking for a nicely made router, then the Festool MFK 700 wood router will definitely fit your bill. Its design is marvelous given the aesthetic touch it has. However, it is the ease of transformation which makes most of its users fall for it. The router is made to give the user ease of getting some of the perfect trims on any piece of wooden material.

When it comes to its use, it is credited to be among the money saving implements worth keeping around. Look at its exceptional features and you are definitely going to fall for it head over heels. Its ability to reduce the amount of required effort is bound however to make you save on lots of money.
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Festool MFK 700 Trim wood routers is made to give the user ease of getting some of the perfect trims on any piece of wooden material

Having the capacity to use a wide range of bits, the wood router therefore has the flexibility only seen on it. However, it can also limit the use of certain specifications of bits. The following are some of its outstanding features;


The router is the only one of its kind with a system of micro controlling its depth range. This runs to up to 1/256 inches or the normal 1/10 millimeters. It is this feature that allows for its precision when it comes to the controls of the bits in use.


Its 6.0 amperes of power motor is enough to run the router in all its trimming endeavors. However, this amount of power is said to be sufficient for some of the known speed trimming. It is the power cord detachability that allows the user to move with ease to the next area.

User features

While some routers may have some complicated busted knuckles; this is not to be with the MFK 700 because of its ability to work on a button lock spindle system. This mechanism allows for the loosening and tightening of the collect mechanism.


The router works on variable speed mechanism which is important in providing rest to the machine when the work to be done is not that much.


The amount of support this implement requires while trimming is such enormous. However, this is provided well by the wide base given by the MFK 700 router. It is in this respect that it is able to give some of the best trimming actions.

Template guides

These smooth resin made surfaces is enough to allow any trimmed piece of wood slide slowly to the next area if required to. The smooth plates are however threaded at the edges to give an additionally required routing assistance.

Manufacturer surety

Festool – the manufacturer of the MFK 700 has done its homework very well by ensuring that this wonderful piece of art can work even under duress. This is why its motor is well guarded through a smooth start up mechanism.

Adjacent features

Because of the amount of dust that is likely to be generated, the use of the Festool, dust extractor in this is usually recommended. The wood router MFK 700 is accompanied with a free dust extractor which in as much as saves money, will be quite vital in helping maintain the health standards of the user.

It is therefore not common to find lots of fault with the router given its known advantages. Even if you are a novice in the area of using the wood routers, you are bound to like it. The Festool product has several other better competitors which notably it has beaten hands down.

This is the best wood routing material worth your money and attention. Though the amount quoted may be in some cases quite high, getting a better deal in the market could not be better.

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