How Freud Router Bits Can Transform Your Woodworking Experience

Router bits are very important when it comes to routing. Just like the type of machine being used in a project affects the quality of the final piece, the router bit used also affects the quality of work delivered by a wood router. Therefore, the decision to buy a router bit is a very important step towards successful wood routing. How then do you know what type, size, shape, or brand of router bit to buy? Well, the router you use will generally affect the size of the router bits used. Various routers are compatible with different router bit sizes and thus the router chosen automatically determines what size to buy. The main daunting task lies in choosing the type or brand to buy from. Nonetheless kijk op deze site, the general rule to use is to buy from a reputable brand and ensure the router bit chosen meets all your needs and requirements.

About Freud Router Bits

Freud router bits are the most popular router bits in the market today. According to reliable sources Freud bits ranked highly when compared to other router bits in the market. They cut cleanly from the start to the end of a project.

Other popular router bit brands in the market include Whiteside, Oldham, Liberty, and many others.

Factors that Determine Quality Router Bits

There are various factors to evaluate when selecting routing bits. These include:

  • Shank Size: Two options are available when it comes to shank size: ½ and ¼ inch. The ½ inch is generally sturdy and holds up better unlike its counterpart. The ¼ inch is quite fragile and may break on you. The ½ inch normally delivers smoother cuts and do not vibrate excessively. They are also stronger and stiffer.
  • Cutter life: Quality router bits will last longer. Carbide router bits are generally longer lasting when compared to High Speed Steel. Carbide bits hold an edge for longer and can last for up to 80 to 90 percent longer than HSS. HSS is made of carbon steel and are resistant to excessive heat. They are also cheaper.
  • Quality of wood finish: Excellent router bits delivers chatter-free, smooth and burn-free finishes. The final piece will also require less sanding.
  • Efficiency: For maximum efficiency and safety, the router bit should be sharp. A sharp bit will also require less power.
  • Accuracy of the grind: The accuracy of the grind will affect the performance of the router bit.

Should you Buy Router Bits from one Brand?

There are numerous router bit brands in the market including: Dimar, Whiteside, Amana, CMT, and many others. The decision to buy router bits may therefore be a daunting one. Is it wise therefore to buy from only one brand? Well, irrespective of the manufacturer, having a few bits from different manufacturers can be a great investment in your workshop. You can experiment with what you have when handling various tasks so as to identify what works best on certain projects.

How to choose the router bits?

Why Choose Freud Router Bits?

Freud is a reputed global company that has been in the market for many years. It offers various router bit sets that are ideal for any wood working project. Freud router bits offer the following advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages:

  • Efficiency and convenience: For successful wood routing you require razor sharp bits. Blunt bits are not only inefficient but they are also risky to operate on. Furthermore, the user keeps changing them and this consumes time and energy. Freud router bits are generally sharper and it takes a couple of minutes to change the cutter.
  • Cheaper: Bits are very expensive generally. Therefore it is never easy to get bits that are convenient and affordable at the same time such as Freud router bits.
  • Cleaner even at end of service life: Freud router bits come with inbuilt chip-breaker and therefore they are unlike conventional bits. With conventional router bits, you experience massive tear-outs unlike Freud bits.

The disadvantages:

  • The only disadvantage that Freud router bits have is that they are more expensive when compared to other brands. But quality always goes hand-in-hand with price.

Comparison with Other Brands

According to a study by Fine Woodworking Magazine, various router bits were tested, analyzed and then ranked based on some criteria. The results obtained varied greatly among various bits. Freud router bits managed to be among the top four. These were the results:

In terms of bits that cut cleanly from the start to the end of a project, they ranked as: Whiteside at position one with an average of 0.2 chips per ft, Liberty at position two with 0.3, Oldham Viper at position three with 0.5, and Freud at position four with an average of 0.6 chips per ft.

Every Woodworker Should have these Bits

There are five basic router bits that every wood worker should have in their workshop. They include:

  1. Straight bits: These are simply bits that cut straight into the piece of work.
  2. Flush and trim bits: Used for trimming edges of a piece of wood so that it can be flush with the edge of another piece of wood.
  3. Chamfer bits: Used for forming beveled edges that are used for connecting multi-sided projects. They can also be used when cutting a bevel to a required angle when decorating the edges of a piece of wood.
  4. Rabbeting Bits: These basically help when cutting a shoulder or a rabbet on the edge of the piece of wood.
  5. Edge form bits: Used for cutting decorative edges.

Freud Tools


You can transform your woodworking experience into the most exciting by buying efficient and reliable router bits such as the Freud router bits. They are the most efficient and convenient bits for a wide variety of wood working projects. Furthermore, you get these bits at an affordable price. For the beginner, it may be too costly for them to purchase bits that are made of carbide but in the long run it saves a lot of money. Cheaper bits will result in huge replacement cost which in the long run proves to be more expensive.

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